Before I stopped eating gluten, I really loved breakfast food. Pancakes were my favorite. I never made them from scratch, I just bought the Krusteaz stuff from the store and added water. After I became gluten free I craved good pancakes. I tried lots of recipes that I found online. Some were good, and some were downright terrible. Is it so hard to make something gluten free that doesn’t fall apart when you try to flip it! Well with some experimenting myself and a lot of tweaking, I created these beauties. Finally a pancake that tastes good, is fluffy, airy and doesn’t fall apart. I gave my non gluten free family this recipe and now they make them once a week. The best thing about it, less carbs and more protein than your typical pancakes. Well, enough backstory. Here’s the recipe!


Add all ingredients to your bowl in the same order that I have them listed above. Then mix with a fork or whisk. Mix should come out relatively thick and sticky. If you prefer your pancakes thin, add a little extra almond milk as these come out thick and fluffy. Heat your griddle or pan to medium-high heat. If you sprinkle water on the pan and it splatters, then it’s the right temperature. Then, using a 1/4 cup spoon a measure of your mix and pour onto your griddle or pan. It’s helpful to spread them around a bit with a fork to help them cook a little faster. The pancakes will take about 5 minutes on both sides. Watch them though, they will be ready to flip when you see the edges are cooked through.

The end result is a light and fluffy gluten free pancake that was easy to flip, tastes delicious and doesn’t fall apart on you. Top with berries, syrup, and/or anything else you feel like putting on it! Unlike ordinary pancakes these will fill you up with a high protein content and will satisfy your gluten cravings.

Good luck. Let me know if you try the recipe and if you have any suggestions on how I can make these babies better! Here’s to healthy and delicious, it is possible to have both!